We knew Ania and Ron for several years but not until we were looking for our first home did we connect more than ever. This being our first home purchase you get a crash course in rushed viewings, signature perfection and sleepless nights. Ania’s dedication and passion towards her clients are second to none! The anxiety of buying a home is exciting and sometimes heart breaking but there was always a good learning experience. Once we found the place we wanted, all the pieces fell into place so fast, and it’s true when they say you know, you know! We can’t thank Ania enough for her relentless focus and dedication towards our dream. There wasn’t a time of day when Ania didn’t call/email us about a lead on a place we may like or what we should be looking for. Everything was spelled out VERY clearly and honestly about our options and at no point did feel we should be second guessing anything. Opinions vary when looking for your dream home but Ania did a fantastic job at calming our fears and pulling us back into focus on what is important and not letting emotions drive a decision. Gosia and I can’t thank Ania enough and look forwarded to our next venture in the future.

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